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The art of decorative design: with an appendix, giving the hours of the day at which flowers open (the floral clock); the characteristic flowers of the month (both indigenous and cultivated), of all countries, and of the diversified soils /by C. Dressler, professor of ornamental art and botany in the Crystal Palace, Sydenham; of botany applied to the fine arts in the Department of Science and Art, South Kensington Museum; and of scientific botany in the Polytechnic Institution, and the London and St Mary's Medical Colleges

Published 1862

Miscellaneous nineteenth and twentieth century illustrated and photographic postcards, showing architectural details and scenes. Mostly from Great Britain and France, and some with manuscript messages and inscriptions.

Publisher Day and Son
Pages 378
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Notes Originally presented as a series of lectures to the Royal Society of Arts in 1861, intended as a guide to the 'coming contest' (the International Exhibition of 1862). Inscribed in manuscript to title page: 1865 School of Art, Glasgow. Embossed prize stamp for the national competition of the Science and Art Department, also to title page.


Reviewer: CullyB - - January 31, 2013
Subject: Wrong book
This is labeled as postcards but the materials are of the book "The Art of Decorative Design" by C. Dresser dated 1862